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Galloping through Argentina

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pure Horse Heaven in Buenos Aires

If you're a horse person like me, then you will be in heaven here!

Many of the riding schools teach english and dressage (adiestramiento), although there is plenty of western style riding just a bit further out from the city.

Last night I passed the Club Aleman de Equitacion and I was going crazy to get out of the car and jump on one of the horses - they were in the middle of a jumping lesson for kids. There are so many activities for kids here and riding is a great sport for them as well (okay well I'm actually a little biased since riding was my sport of choice since I was a child!)

Not too far from the Club Aleman is the Escuela Equitacion de Hipocampo. They offer equitation and jumping classes (clases de salto). Of course we can't forget the kids, being that Argentinians love their kids and Argentina offers so many great things for kids, there's the pony club. And for people with spinal problems, Down Syndrome (sindrome de Down), or other disabilities there's a program called equinoterapia, or equine therapy. They also offer trail riding, which is called cabalgatas.

The Club Hipico del Norte is located in the northern suburb of San Isidro, not far from the Hippodrome. They offer equitation lessons, adiestramiento, as well as programs for handicapped riders. If you're looking for a place to stable your horse, they also offer boarding. I think the location is great if you live in the northern suburbs.

I'm going to list several other places that I haven't driven by, but might be worthwhile. The locations vary from way out towards San Antonio de Areco to areas going towards Ezeiza Airport to Mar del Plata.

El Encuentro (no website) Vagues (San Antonio de Areco): Way out in the georgeous countryside. Cel: 02325-15-682673

Club Hipico Mar del Plata

In addition, the Directorio Ecuestre is a fabulous list of all things horse related across Argentina, although sadly, some links are not active as of this posting.


Blogger 99 said...

Laura do you know if Escuela Hipocampo is wat used to be the Club Hípico Buenos Aires? I remember going there as a child to have tea while watching the practices...a loooong time ago.

Do you know anything about horses for carriages? (sulkys or "americanas") I´m trying to put back on track a sulky we have but don´t know too much about the suitable horses...

1:26 PM  
Blogger 99 said...

wat a what!

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